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Voluntary Stewardship Program

About VSP

Lincoln County is currently in the Implementation and Monitoring phase of VSP. This phase of VSP will highlight existing conservation practices on agricultural lands that are protecting critical areas in Lincoln County.

Lincoln County opted into VSP as a non-regulatory alternative to the Critical Area Ordinances of the Growth Management Act. If regulatory measures of the GMA are enforced it would be a one-size-fits-all approach that producers would need to follow to protect critical areas. Failure to demonstrate voluntary critical areas protection through producer participation will result in these additional regulations. 

Be a part of this innovative and voluntary approach as an alternative to historic regulatory approaches used to protect critical areas.

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             Land Owner Information            

Are you a landowner?                                                         

We need your help to provide more technical assistance and potential cost-share for stewardship practices. Voluntary stewardship practices demonstrate how individual actions are collectively maintaining agricultural viability while protecting critical areas. 

Have a project you've been wanting to do?                                 

We look forward to working with interested landowners to identify current or future funding or providing technical assistance with producers implementing stewardship practices for protecting and/or restoring critical areas while maintaining the long-term viability of agriculture in Lincoln County.

Do you have critical areas on your land?                                          

You may qualify for Cost Share

Click the link below to find out

Voluntary participation in VSP will help allocate resources, provide technical assistance and avoid additional regulation.

You May Qualify For Cost Share


  • Use the search bar in the top left corner of the map to easily type in your address to view any critical areas on your property.

  • Along the sidebar there is a legend, as well as a button you can use to turn different features on/off to get the best possible view of critical areas on your property.

  • Hover your mouse over the different symbols below the search bar at the top of the map. There are more tools that can be used to change the map view to satellite imagery, measure a distance, or print a section of the map. 

Contact Lincoln County Conservation for more information and to sign-up. (509) 725-4181 x119

Examples of Stewardship Practices

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Stock Watering Facilities

grass waterway.jpg

Grass Waterway

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The Voluntary Stewardship Program is a unique opportunity to directly impact planning and

regulation for watershed quality and agriculture in Lincoln County. 

Lincoln County Regions & Agricultural Activities: Lincoln_GeoRegions_AgSummary_Table

                Next Local Workgroup meeting               

December 12th at 1:00pm at the Lincoln County Public Works Building | 27234 WA-25, Davenport, WA 99122

Please contact for more information


Agendas, Notes & Presentations




Press Releases

Work Group Presentations/Materials

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