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About Us

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Welcome to the Lincoln County Conservation District website!
We are a non-regulatory organization that offers conservation resources water, soil, livestock, energy, and natural resource assistance to landowners in Lincoln County. Our website is your place to find resources, conservation tips, programs/cost share we offer, and other helpful topics.

What We Do

Assistance Programs
We provide incentive based program to residents, including the opportunity for cost share. Most of these projects benefit not only the environment but the landowner as well.

We provide and support educational conservation material to adults and children, ranging from elementary school classes to hands-on field days for residents.

Identify Concerns
We build a relationship with residents so we can determine conservation concerns in the area. When concerns are identified, we do our best to find economical, social, and environmental solutions that fit the needs of residents.

We not only promote beneficial conservation practices. Our staff is out in the field working to implement practices, such as planting trees and shrubs, aquifer rehydration, measuring stream flow, livestock water development, and grass waterways.

Mission Statement

“To help citizens of Lincoln County protect, conserve, and enhance our natural resources.”

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