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Wildfire Preparedness

Wildfire is coming



Creating Defensible Space 

ladder fuels.jpg

Ladder Fuels

Ladder fuels allow the fire to climb from the surface fuels into the upper portion of the tree.                        They can be eliminated by increasing horizontal and vertical separation between vegetation.

Defensible space is the space between a structure and wildland area that creates a sufficient buffer to slow or halt the spread of fire to a structure. It protects the home from igniting due to direct flame or radiant heat. Defensible space is essential to help protect a structure during a wildland fire.

You can create defensible space by removing weeds, brush, and other vegetation from around your property.

Defensible space is made up of (3) three zones around your home;

Zone 1: 0-5ft

Zone 2: 5-30ft

Zone 3: >30ft


Your home’s ignition risk is determined by its immediate

surroundings or its “Home Ignition Zone."


0-5 feet around your home or to property line

  • Use hard surfaces such as concrete or noncombustible rock mulch 0-5 feet around home.

  • Use non-woody, low-growing herbaceous vegetation. Succulent plants and ground covers are good choices.

  • Store firewood and other combustible materials at least 30 feet away from your home, garage, or attached deck.

  • Trim back touching or over-hanging branches from the roof to a distance of at least 10 feet.


5-30 feet around your home or to property line

  • Create vegetation groups, "islands", to break up continuous fuels around your home.

  • Remove ladder fuels to create a separation between low-level vegetation and tree branches to keep fire from climbing trees. 

  • Remove leaf and needle debris from the yard.

  • Keep grass and wildflowers under 8 inches in heights.


<30feet around your home or to property line

  • Create and maintain a minimum of 10 feet between the tops of trees.

  • Remove ladder fuels to create a separation between low-level vegetation and tree branches to keep fire from climbing trees. 

  • Remove dead trees and shrubs.

Why did only one side

of this house burn?


Fire Resistant Plants

for Home Landscapes 





Firewise communities logo

The District works with all residents of Lincoln County to provide resources to landowners to help them protect their land and homes as well as the natural resources in Lincoln County. With the Firewise program, we provide education to landowners about creating a defensible space around their property.

Forested area that has not been"firewised"
Forested area after firewise

This picture shows some property in Lincoln County, where Firewise hasn’t been implemented yet. The dense amount of trees is prime fuel for fire.

Once the Firewise guidelines were implemented, the property was better protected from wildfire, with less trees and fuel for fire.

LCCD will be partnering to form Firewise USA communities in Lincoln County
and creating more opportunities for fuel reduction in dense fuel-laden zones.
If you would like more information on how to participate in Firewise USA
please contact Delaini Disher at

Check out the process of taking on a Firewise approach in this video:

FAC Coalition Booklet -Lincoln County

Fire Adaptive cCommunitiesrochure fo
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