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Work Plans

The District is strives to work with the landowners in the county to determine the resource concerns, create goals to mitigate the concerns, and aims to accomplish those goals. With the help of the Adams/Lincoln County Local Work Groups, the goals are based around the concerns discussed during the Local Work Group meetings held in the spring of each year.
The District creates a 5-year work plan, and an annual work plan. These help guide the district to accomplish the goals determined by the landowners in the area. Examples of established goals include implementing the Firewise program to minimize the concern of property loss due to wildfire, and offering special programs to city parcel owners to conserve water.
Below are the current Fiscal Year 2021 Annual and 5-year long range plans, feel free to check them out and determine what you feel our goals should be. 

5-year Long Range Plan
Annual Work Plan

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