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The Palouse Watershed Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP):

USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) awarded the Palouse River Watershed (WRIA 34) Implementation Partnership $5.5 million to compliment the $5.5 million in significant contributions from regional partners dedicated to improving water quality, soil health, and habitat in the Palouse River Watershed. The award from NRCS comes as part of the new Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) authorized in the 2014 Farm Bill.  This is expected to result in strengthened partner efficiency, which will lead to an increase in voluntary incentive based funding contributed towards conservation on the ground over the next five years. 

View of a waterway in Lincoln County

Lincoln County Conservation District
Partnering with the Palouse Watershed

Lincoln County Conservation District is partnering with the Palouse Watershed in an innovative partnership providing incentives to help landowners in the Palouse Watershed. Projects will improve soil, water and habitat. Some of the programs available include, but are not limited to:






RCCP map outline area

If you are a landowner or producer within the WRIA 34 Palouse River Watershed interested in creating or updating your conservation plan, you may be eligible for funding!  Eligible areas exist in parts of Whitman, Adams, Lincoln, and Spokane County in Washington, and parts of Latah County in Idaho.

For more information, please check out our informational sheet to learn more about this opportunity for landowners and producers in the Palouse watershed.

If you are interested in applying for funding, please fill out the application below and return it to the LCCD office at 1310 Morgan St. Davenport, WA, or mail it in to P.O. Box 46.

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