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Lincoln County Conservation District along with the community of Columbia Springs, Department of Natural Resources, and the Washington Conservation Corps are working on fuel reduction for the first Firewise USA Community in Lincoln County. Working with the residents of this unique community located in the far west corner of Lincoln County and all of the different agencies shows what can be accomplished when partnering together across lines.

Hazard sagebrush was removed to provide fire resiliency for this community and each received reflective address signs provide by LCCD. Individual Home Assessments will be ongoing.


“This coordination of a small community association and local and state government agencies is exciting. Why?  Because it is a great example of how individual homeowners can collaborate with government agencies to achieve a goal that cannot be achieved individually.

Thank you LCCD and DNR for working with us. It benefits everyone if we can coordinate county and state resources with local involvement”

Greg Behrens - Columbia Springs Resident

IMG_3460 (1).jpg

“Thank you to LCCD for all the assistance in making our community Firewise!"

Mitch Sorensen - Columbia Springs Resident

The Department of Natural Resources awarded the Lincoln County Conservation District the North 25 Fuels Reduction Grant in August 2019.

LCCD will be partnering to form additional Firewise USA communities in Lincoln County and creating more opportunities for fuel reduction in dense fuel-laden zones. If you would like more information on how to participate in Firewise USA please contact the office. 

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