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Water Level Assessment for the Northeastern Lincoln County Groundwater Conditions Monitoring
Request for Proposal

Map for well proj 22.PNG
Well being measured

LINCOLN COUNTY, WASHINGTON –The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) Office of Columbia River (OCR) has provided funds to the Lincoln County Conservation District (LCCD) to characterize water levels in Lincoln County aquifers. A foundational understanding of historic and current aquifer water levels, and possible future trends, is needed to plan a sustainable water supply strategy for Lincoln County. The project will focus on collecting groundwater level data in northeastern Lincoln County to verify, revise, and characterize groundwater level change trends suggested by previous work in this area. Semi-annual and quarterly groundwater levels will be measured in up to 36 wells. LCCD in partnership with Washington Department of Ecology is seeking Consultant Proposals to assist LCCD in conducting a groundwater condition monitoring study in Northeastern portion of Lincoln County.


LCCD, the project lead agency, will expand upon the county-wide groundwater level data collection by focusing on the northeastern part of the county. This project will emphasize shallow aquifer permit exempt wells. this emphasis is driven by their vulnerability to future hydrologic and economic factors. 

LCCD will manage the project. Please view the document linked below obtain the complete Request for Proposal. LCCD will accept proposals from firms specializing in hydrogeological assessments to evaluate groundwater levels in identified areas of Northeastern Lincoln County. 


Click Here for Request for Proposal




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