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1. Genral Location - In What Area Is Your Farm Or Ranch Located?

Lower Crab


Upper Crab

2. Which Land Management Concers Do You Have For Your Property? Select All That Apply

Below: Please Select All That Apply To Your Land

wildlife habitat.png
Areas shaded in color indicate wildlife habitat in Lincoln County
aquifer recharge.png
Areas shaded in light blue, dark blue and light green indicate aquifer recharge areas in Lincoln County
frequently flooded.png
Dark blue shading indicate frequently flooded areas in Lincoln County
water erosion.png
Areas shaded in blue indicate water erosion areas in Lincoln County
Areas shaded in red indicate wetlands in Lincoln County

8. What Conservation Practices Are Being Implemented On Your Farm Or Ranch? Select All That Apply

Residue and Tillage Management

Reduced Till
No Till/Direct Seed

Chemical and Nutrient Management

Integrated Pest Management
Nutrient Management

Water and Filtration Management

Irrigation Water Management
Grassed Waterways/Filter Strips
Instream Water Storge

Range Management

Prescribed Grazing
Rang Planting
Stock Wateing Facilitis/Wells

Soil Management

Cover Crop
Conservatin Crp Rotation
Low Disturbance Soil
Eco Tillage

Habitat Management

Conservation Cover
Critical Area Planting
Tree/Shrub Establishment
Range Planting


Please Share Any Other Conservation Information You'd Like To Share About Your Land Below:

Thanks for sharing!

Examples of Stewardship Practices

solar project 2.jpg

Stock Watering Facilities

grass waterway.jpg

Grass Waterway

Washington state Conservation Commission logo
















The Voluntary Stewardship Program is a unique opportunity to directly impact planning and

regulation for watershed quality and agriculture in Lincoln County. 

Lincoln County Regions & Agricultural Activities: Lincoln_GeoRegions_AgSummary_Table

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