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Lincoln County Groundwater Level Well Measuring Project

Well being measured

LINCOLN COUNTY, WASHINGTON –Lincoln County Conservation District (LCCD) has been awarded funding​ by an Office of Columbia River grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) from 6/15/2017 through 6/30/2021, under agreement number WROCR-VER1-LiCoCD-00013.


The overall general objective of the Project was to conduct a two-year study that will compile existing groundwater level data for Lincoln County (County), use that data to identify areas of concern with respect to declining groundwater level, and begin collecting new groundwater level data. With the results of this work and ongoing groundwater level tracking the County and LCCD hope to identify and implement water resource management efforts in the County for its residents. 

LCCD and the County see the declining groundwater levels, and want to identify the areas of greatest concern, and find solutions to mitigate for, and/or even reverse, these historical trends to carry them into a sustainable future.

The data compiled and collected during the Project will form the framework for the County’s future water supply management efforts, including the proposed Sustainable Water Supply Study, much like efforts elsewhere in the region, such as in the Yakima Basin, Walla Walla Watershed, Umatilla Basin, and Palouse Aquifer.

EA Engineering, Science, Technology, Inc., PBC of Kennewick, WA will provide Hydrogeological Consulting Services for this project.


Click Here for the Final Report




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