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CWMA Weed Mapping App

The CWMA is working to reduce and control the invasive weeds throughout the CWMA boundaries in Spokane, Whitman, and Lincoln counties.


Through the help of the landowners in the area, the CWMA hopes to implement the Weed Mapping App to better determine where the invasive weeds are, and to get a head start in controlling them.

CWMA meeting discussion the weed app

To Download the Weed Mapping App, use the directions below. 

 *Requires a smartphone, tablet, with a minimum of Android 2.2 or iOS 6.1*


  • Step 1) Follow the installation guide Preparing to use the Mobile Apps

  • Step 2) Open the guide with the TAPaSkill  

  • Step 4) Follow the steps under the menu Prepare 


If you would like an overview of the process, download the Citizen Science Weed Mapping Program Poster

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