Working Together

To Conserve Lincoln County's Natural Resources

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· Thinning and pruning trees and shrubs

· Reduce surface fuels under the trees

· Removing slash from clean-up and any down debris

· Grass and weeds mowing shorter than 6 inches

· Raking pine needles and twigs away from your house

· Getting rid of the branches that overhang the roof and


· Cleaning roof, gutters from pine needles

· Do not store firewood and other flammable material close

  to the house                     


Even though the doors have been closed at the District due to Covid-19 protocol we have still been busy in 2020 - a year of learning new ways to get things done! The presentation below will take you to a video of what 2020 has looked like for us in Lincoln County -

  *Make sure you have your sound on*

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Featured Projects

Map of Lincoln County

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting
Lincoln County Public Works Bldg
November 10th - 8:30 AM
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Come meet our team and board!

Find out what the district has been up to these last few months.

This meeting is free and

open to the public.

Direct seed producer in front of his combine surrouded by children after a field trip in the field planting garbonzo beans

Your Donations Make a Big Difference

Contributions from the community are what help make our projects and programs a success!